Frequently asked Questions

1.  How would you describe your photography style? Lifestyle/candid photography captures the most genuine emotions. The feel of my work is light and airy with selective focus. If you prefer traditional poses, great. Please let me know ahead of time your preference. 
2. What is the best time for the sessions to take place? The light is most beautiful early in the morning, couple of hours after sunrise. Or late in the afternoon, couple of hours before sunset. Of course the right time is what suits your family best. With plenty of rest the night before. Please avoid times when the sun is directly above you, which can be unflattering and tends to make your eyes squint. 
3.  What to wear and bring? Be yourself! As a guideline, simple clothes work best  avoiding logos and stripes. Layering works well for creating different looks and a change of outfit can be a good idea for little ones. If you are color cordinated, go all out!   It’s great if you bring toys for your child that you don’t mind losing. Or any props that your family enjoy doing together. Snacks and water are good ideas to help boost your child’s energy and stay hydrated..